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Compare and contrast essay正如它的名字。是一篇比较和对比两个或更多主题的essay.在compare and contrast essay中,作者可以分辨the similarities (compare) 和 the differences (contrast).

Compare & Contrast Essay题目

  但是,除了强调这些内容,以thesis statement的形式提供主要思想也将是更好的选择。

例如,如果您的essay是关于同一部小说改编的两部电影,那么您的thesis可能会写“one film adaptation is better than the other film adaptation”.


虽然撰写compare and contrast essay似乎很容易,但是选择topic有时可能很困难。 请记住,并非所有subjects都可以配对。

有些subjects可能过于相似,以至于没有任何东西可以区分两者。 另一方面,某些subjects可能相差太大,以致于没有任何共同点。

在每种情况下,都没有必要撰写有关该subjects的文章。 您还必须考虑您撰写essay的研究领域,论文的长度和academic level.

为了让您更轻松,我们列出了50个compare and contrast essay topics. 这些在下面分别按照类别列出。

  Medicine, Science, and Technology

  •   The similarities and differences between scientific medicine and alternative medicine.
  •   Medicine now and then: Modern medicine versus medieval medicine.
  •   Psychiatry and psychology: What are the similarities and differences?
  •   What are the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power and solar power?
  •   How are mammals and reptiles the same? How are they different?
  •   Describe the health benefits and adverse effects of coffee and tea.
  •   Bacteria and viruses: What’s the difference?
  •   The Arctic and Antarctica: Are they really that the same?
  •   Compare and contrast iOS and Android in terms of functionality and ease of use.

  Pop Culture

  •   Compare and contrast the universe of the Game of Thrones series and the MarvelCinematic Universe.
  •   Mainstream cinema and art house cinema: How are they the same and how do they differ?
  •   Compare and contrast an animated film based on a fairy tale with its traditional source material. How did a modern take on an old fairy tale change the story?
  •   Two film adaptations of a novel: In what ways are they the same? In what ways do they differ?
  •   Aurora from Sleeping Beauty and Elsa from Frozen: In what ways do they adhere to and depart from the traditional depictions of the princess character?

  History, Politics, and Social Studies

  •   The similarities and differences in the government systems and society of ancient China and ancient Rome.
  •   Democracy versus monarchy.
  •   Socialism and communism: How are they similar? How are they different?
  •   Capitalism versus communism.
  •   In what ways are robots better than humans at performing jobs? In what ways are humans better than robots?
  •   What were the advantages of the North during the Civil War? How about the South?
  •   Describe Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, and Jean Jacques-Rousseau individual views of the social contract.
  •   Compare and contrast the Spanish Empire and the British Empire in terms of their effect on their former colonies.
  •   World War I and World War II: What were the reasons behind both conflicts?
  •   What is the difference between civil law and criminal law?
  •   Compare and contrast the wedding beliefs, traditions, and practices of two different cultures.

  Art and Music

  •   Compare and contrast modern music and classical music.
  •   The similarities and differences between film and theater.
  •   Operas and musicals: What’s the difference?
  •   Compare and contrast the treatment of the human body in the art of the Middle Ages and Renaissance art.
  •   Compare and contrast two architectural styles: Renaissance and Baroque.


  •   Poetry versus prose.
  •   Compare and contrast two characters from a novel.
  •   In what ways did Huckleberry Finn change throughout the course of the novel? In what ways did he remain the same?
  •   Analyze the themes of two poems.
  •   Compare and contrast two novels or two short stories from the late 19th century with regard to their treatment of women.


  •   Which is better: Getting home-schooled or attending a regular school?
  •   What are the benefits and disadvantages of making uniforms mandatory? How do these compare to not making uniforms mandatory?
  •   Creationist doctrines versus scientific explanations of the universe’s origins.
  •   How do the effects of comprehensive sex education and abstinence-only sex education differ?


  •   Compare and contrast the central doctrines of the three major Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
  •   Monotheism versus polytheism.
  •   Compare and contrast the nature of the gods in Greek mythology and Egyptian mythology.
  •   Compare and contrast two creation myths from two different civilizations.

  Miscellaneous Topics

  •   Taking care of pets: dogs versus cats.
  •   Compare and contrast two countries famous for their tourism.
  •   Superman versus Gohan: Who is the more interesting superhero?
  •   Compare and contrast two gaming consoles.
  •   Compare and contrast two famous individuals.
  •   Compare and contrast two martial arts.
  •   What are the advantages and disadvantages of taking public transportation and driving to work?



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